The first number of Caryologia (October, 27th 1948)

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Subscription - The subscription price of volume 63, 2010 (and 64 for year 2011), is  € 240 in Italy and abroad. By air mail € 250, inclusive of postage and packing.

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Caryologia Impact factor 2011: 0.533 (Journal Citation report, ISI Web of Knowledge)

Dear Readers and Subscribers,

Caryologia will begin a collaboration with Taylor and Francis ( from the first issue of 2012.

The Editorial Board, the content and the format of the journal will not change but the subscribers and the printing phase will be managed directly by Taylor and Francis.

The journal will move to Taylor & Francis’ new platform, where articles will be published in PDF and HTML, and in advance of the printed issue whenever possible. Online files of the complete back volumes will be hosted on Taylor & Francis Online, and readers will benefit from sophisticated tools such as RSS content feeds and social bookmarks to enable easy linking to blogs and reference management platforms. The journal will of course continue to appear in printed form. The article submission system will remain the same for the time being (the best way is send your submissions by e-mail: see, but in the near future we will move to an online submission platform, ScholarOne Manuscripts.

Taylor & Francis has a strong portfolio in Plant and Life Science, and Caryologia will join established titles such as the Canadian Journal of Plant Pathology, European Journal of Phycology and Frontiers in Life Science. We are sure that Caryologia will blossom as part of this stable of titles.

Anyone wishing to subscribe, or anyone with any queries should contact Taylor & Francis.

Alessio Papini, Managing Director